Looking for A9 GPRS GSM Module Footprint for kicad

someone have A9 gsm gprs module footprint , where to i find? please help me
A9 gsm module

You have the land pattern in the datasheet. It’s not difficult to create it with the KiCad footprint editor. Creating new footprints is a basic task for anyone working with PCB design, so you should learn it anyway.


there is an open source project using this chip:

and there are also the eagle schematic and pcb…
from there you can get the imported kicad schematic and pcb … then you will have a nice starter

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thank for your suggestion, @eelik

Thanks for your sharing @maui

You will have to become familiar with making footprints before you go far with PCB layout. This module is especially hard for a beginner as you will have to connect to an antenna and decouple very well for the bursty GSM modes

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