Looking for a footprint name

Hi, before I design one myself, I wanted to ask if it doesn’t already exist. But I just can’t think of the name. Basically it’s like a push button as a SMD footprint, but there’s nothing to solder and it can be short-circuited with a simple screwdriver. (Example is attached)

Does anyone have the name of something like this?

Kind regards, Bjoern

Although you say ‘nothing to solder’, perhaps a solder jumper would be OK? You could short this with a screwdriver or jumper lead.

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It is called a “Touch Switch”. It works on resistance.
The single pad version is also a “touch switch” but it works on capacitance.

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Thanks a lot to you two, that was exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

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If you only want to be able to bridge it with a screwdriver, then the “solder jumper” as John_Pateman suggested seems a good choice.

For touch switches, there apparently is a new wizard in the footprint editor.
First open the Footprint Editor and then click on:

Which opens the Footprints Generator Wizards. Then select Mutualcap Touch Button


And then you can change some paramaters to which your footprint will be designed.
After the wizard is finished, it puts the result in the Footprint Editor and you can further inspect, modify or enhance your footprint before you save it.

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