Looking for 3D model for Arduino Pro mini

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Everything is in the subject…
Looking for 3D model for Arduino Pro mini…



Thanks Kiki,

I also found this one, but this model is wrong…
It has a wrong pin spacing… A pitty !

From personal experience with Arduino Pro Mini and some of the add-on modules used with Arduino:
Locations of pins and mounting holes vary from supplier to supplier. In general, you need to have the actual purchased part in-hand (and calipers in the other hand) to be certain that your layout, or mechanical design, will work.



Hi ,

The model in GrabCAD is using decimal pitch and weird values.
All my Arduino pro mini modules i have are in mils.

I looked to the wrong model and it’s too much work to correct the problem.



Wrong dimensions too !
One raw of pins is OK, but the rest is wrong… Strange !

From where does this model come from ?


is that one?

if so you can download the Eagle files which contain the .brd

You can import it in pcbnew and save as Kicad board.
Then populate the footprints with the 3D models and convert it to STEP with StepUp…
so You will have your 3D model :smiley:

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Yes, this is it.

I’m trying to modify the model above by shifting the blocks…

The dimensions are here

Willtry your method as well.


I finally could modifiy the model so that it is usable, even if not perfect.
The board dimensions are not exact and the pin header plastic doesn’t have the right pitch.

For those interested, here it is in FreeCad format.
Arduino_pro_mini_corrected.FCStd (306.8 KB)


@kiki @TK5EP
please consider that if the 3D models are coming from libraries like GrabCad or 3dcontent central, the models or their modification cannot be shared at the forum because of those libraries license.



A pitty…
I’ve done what you suggested, and after a tedious work searching for 3D models missing in Kicad, i got a very good result.

What i picked up from GrabCad is a 0603 LED and Crystal. I’ve found the DP switch on http://www.alps.com

I’m not sure if all this exists in Kicad, as it is difficult to find something for now…


@Shack was working on SMD leds, but the dev in on hold because of an issue on transparency…
may be Frank could just push the smd leds without transparency and update them when we can find a fix for the transparency issue?

Crystals and Resonators would be quite easy to be scripted by CQ too …

The push buttons are something not useful to be scripted as there are no many variants, so hand made model would be easier…

Anyway on-line libraries are fine for internal or personal use, if you are not planning to share the 3d model…

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I will see how i can help.