Locked items coloured… [SOLVED, ends with bad jokes]

(KiCad 6.99) How to avoid locked parts on the PCB being coloured? (picture attached)

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In the Appearance Manager, Objects tab, make “Shadow on locked items” invisible.


Thanks so much, straubm.

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You’re welcome, de nada, de rien, graag gedaan :slight_smile:

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… varsågod på svenska

En puhu routsia :sweat_smile:
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Apparently not Finnish either, because it’s “ruotsia”.

Jaså du är svensk eelik? Och du är finsk starubm?

No, I’m Finnish, but Swedish is the second official language in Finland and a native language of minority, it’s taught in elementary school and upper levels and I know some. If you click on straubm’s avatar you can see his location, it’s in Austria. That’s why he doesn’t speak Swedish or Finnish. Right, straubm? :smile:

Ich bin Österreicher und spreche Deutsch.
I’m Austrian and native German speaker.

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Right. German, English, French, Italian-ish.
My Finnish was Pons with dyslexia :grinning:

Haha, ok, I see, it’s a shame we don’t learn Finnish in Sweden too, to get a better balance. I wish we also could have the force/possibility to learn Ostrich as well from the first year in school, those lazy politicians and teachers…

Haha, my apologies for being so dumb!

Well, it would be great to be an ostrich whisperer! Or to speak emu.

… kind of emulation :rofl:

What is an ostrich whisperer? Is emu some kind of Australian accent?

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Related to horse whisperer - Wiktionary. Emu is either the bird mentioned in the ostrich article, or What is the Economic and Monetary Union? (EMU) | European Commission, or maybe something else.

I modified the thread subject line and added a bad joke warning. :laughing: