Lock/dont't shove vias


I’m routing a board with KiCad BZR 6305 and I’d like to have a whole bunch of vias where they are right now. In the Interactive Routher Options dialog Shove Vias is checked and grayed out and so the interactive router is moving these vias around.

I can lock footprints. But this does not work vor vias. I remember that this option could be unchecked some versions ago.

What’s the reason behind having this option permanently enabled? Is there any way of preventing vias from being shoved around?

Might be faster and more direct to post this kind of problem on the bugtracker, as this forum is frequented by some of the devs, but the bugtracker informs/alarms them automatically about stuff like this.

Thank you very much for this hint! I will prepare a bug report there.