Local Clearance and Setting for new Pad not working


This happen to me right now.

I have to make a painful 128 pin footprint.

Went to Footprint editor > Dimensions > Pad Setting > Local Clearance and Setting

set solder mask clearance and solder paste clearance to 0,001 in

Create a new pad, but the local clearance settings is 0

kicad 4.0.2 windows 7

0.001 or 0,001 ?

BTW, you can set the clearance for the whole footprint during layout. No need to set it for each pad now.

Thank you!

where is the option to change the clearance for all the footprint?

I use 0,001 because I am spanish and It seems that it is using the comma by defult. All other settings in the General tab (and on the whole kicad) are using commas

I created a new bug in launchpad…

fp editor menu > Edit > Edit Properties