LM358 Dual Op amp Single IC

I’m using an LM358 for my schematic and I can’t figure out how to combine the Op Amps into one IC on my PCB? I’ve heard you need to attach them to the same power source but that did not work. Any help would be appreciated.

The symbol LM358 has 3 parst: Unit A (one OPAMP), Unit B (Another OPAmp), and Unit C (the power source). you have to choose the part that you like.
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If you edit the part with the “E” shortcut, you can change the part


I see that done a lot (3 units). I have looked at schematics drawn that way and wondered… My preference is to include the power and ground connections in one of the two amplifier sections, so that there are only two. I think you could also put the power on one amplifier section and the ground on the other.

Ah I see now. That worked. Thank you for your reply!

Like the LM339 / LM2901… I wonder if that’s how the power section should be done, with leads that can be overlaid on one stage.

I keep the ‘power box’ stages in a separate segment of my schematics anyway so as not to distract from the signal flow portion.

Separate power module is the preferred way for multi unit symbols

Having two or more units, each with power pins, led to too many accidental power supply shorts

I can understand that risk, but I would not do that. I think it would imply multiple + and - power pins when in fact there is only one each in the package. I like to include both power pins on only one of the two comparator units in a dual for example.


It might also be OK to include one power pin on one unit and the other power pin on another unit; perhaps to reduce crowding on a small unit symbol.

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