LM331 symbol location


Sorry for that new bee question, I didn’t find the symbol for LM331 (I use it as voltage/frequency converter). On the other hand, it’s a very popular chip. Perhaps I don’t use the right words to find it. Any suggestion?

LM 231 is not in either There is quite a bit in that chip.
You might have to roll your own from here. :sunglasses:

Thank you Jos, I know this datasheet by heart. :wink: I’m going to google a little bit more. If I find really nothing, then, crying, I will open the symbol editor. On the other hand, I think it’s easier to edit a symbol than a footprint.

you can download the libs from here:

or here:

you need to register though

or here at ti.com
and you don’t need to register :smiley:

Thanks, Maui, you make my day. An idea why search words like kicad LM331 don’t work?