LM2917 & LM3914 Symbols

Hi New to KiCad and wondered if anyone can point me towards LM2917 & LM3914 Symol lib files?

Any help appreciated

You can try snapeda.com, I just noticed there’s a new feature, you can create a symbol quite easily if it doesn’t exist yet. I did one for LM2917N. Not as good as handmade but good for starters.

Read and watch tutorials on creating your own symbols. You won’t get very far in PCB design without knowing how and with practice it takes minutes

eelik thanks I have found an LM3914

davidsrsb thanks again, this is probably a one off design I am too long in the tooth to make a career out of it. If I cant find a symbol I will take your advice

Hey, speaking as a silver-haired, superannuated, Medicare-card-equipped, past retirement age, grandfather (four times over) . . .

It truly isn’t that difficult to draft symbols and footprints. For me, the most difficult part is knowing - before I start - roughly how it should look when it’s finished.

And, I’ve learned that I am very poor at predicting when a design will truly be a one-time effort, and when the modifications, updates, enhancements, etc, will persist for decades.