LM2596 KTT 5pins?

Not sure if I can ask this on this forum.
Hi just a dumb question that I have to be sure. I will be using LM2596

It is stated in its description: IC REG BUCK 5V 3A TO263-5 That its package is TO-263-5. But on its package is TO-263-6, D²Pak (5 Leads + Tab), TO-263BA.

On the image, there are 5 leads and 1 tab.
Is this the correct footprint for this?

Is Pin 3 also the TAB? which is a ground on typical applications.

It’s also stated that it is a KTT 7-pin. I am so confused right now. But shown as 5 leads and 1 tab.

I had a similar question some time back. The designer of these footprints cleared it up in this issue: https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-footprints/issues/800

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Looks to me like 5 pins and a tab.
The tab is also tied to pin 3. The Footprint has the tab assigned as Pad 3, as well as the center pin assigned also as pad 3.
Short answer, the Footprint shown appears to be the one to use.

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