LM117-3.3v Cannot seem to edit in Library Editor (always opens LM1117-ADJ)

As the title says, I’m having trouble editing a particular component that is in the Library.

The particular item is the LM1117

In the Library, there are 5 different flavors of this component as listed below


The problem is, whenever I try to select the LM1117-3.3 for editing, it selects the LM1117-ADJ anyway…every time.

Not sure what the secret is, but it refuses to allow me to edit the LM1117-3.3
It seems to have to do with the Aliases? So is it one component under several aliases?
If so, how would you edit one of the aliases…or would you have to create a new one?

Is there a trick or something special you need to know?
I don’t seem to have this problem anywhere except with the LM1117-3.3

It seems that no matter which flavor of the LM1117 you choose to edit, it will only display the LM1117-ADJ

Help? Thanks

I assume LM1117–3.3 is an alias of LM1117-ADJ.
This means all graphical elements are shared between these symbols. (only the datsheet, description and keword fields differ between aliases.)


I agree with @RolliePollie - the user display when editing an “Alias” component makes it appear that you are editing the basic component, not its alias. Well, in fact, you ARE editing the basic component but it’s not clear which editing actions apply to all aliases derived from the basic component, and which actions affect only the specific alias you opened in the symbol editor. Over time, even us superannuated relics learn about this characteristic of KiCAD but it comes with a cost of frustration and confusion.


Ummmmm . . . . to add a field for the in-house part number. To make the symbol have the same visual appearance as the symbol for a different 3-terminal regulator. To display, or hide, the pin number or pin name information. To change the default footprint.

Many of us preach the gospel that “Symbol Editor, and Footprint Editor, are your very good friends. Please become intimately acquainted with them.”. I am pleased that @RolliePollie took the initiative to open the symbol in the Symbol Editor!