List of power symbols in schematic?

Hi !

I’m designing my first circuit with Kicad. It is a 3 pages schematic so a lot of different power symbols. I’m a little bit scared of having put different symbols for GND as they will not be connected together if they are different, but I don’t want to visually check if all the GND I placed are the same symbol, it is too error prone.

Is there a way to list all the GND symbols ? It would allow me to quickly check if they are all the same.
There is the “Bulk-edit fields of all symbols in schematic” but the GND are not listed.

in schematic: Tools–>Edit symbol library links.

All power-symbols start with a '#"-character.

edit, note for the future: this advice will most probably loose it’s meaning with next years kicad v8 - it’s planned to allow power-symbol renaming in the schematic editor. So the same power-symbol can create different nets - depending on power-symbol value.

I have started using KiCad from preparing my own libraries. I have one GND symbol and no risk of using different.
I don’t know what are the GND symbols in standard library (have seen it last time in 2017). If you want to have only one of them then if (looking in library) you will search for all others and not found them at your schematics then you will be sure that you used only one GND symbol.

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