List of Nets, Net Lengths and Via Counts

Hi everyone,

There’s a command to list nets which gives a list of nets and pad counts.

Is there something similar that lists all the nets, net lengths and via counts?

Searched the forum and didn’t find exactly what I need. If I missed this being answered prior, I apologize.

Thanks much!

There is in the upcoming version(s) a nets report feature available which exports exactly what you are after.

You have to compile from source (as I prefer), or try the nightlies.

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For net lenghts you can use Length stats: action plugin

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Not really. I do it for the fun of it, to see how things progress, and to play with the source code :sunglasses:

Just over the last week or so have been quite a few brief bugs in master.
Seems good again for now.

Great stuff.

Thanks for the comments everyone.

Looks like I keep using the highlight net tool to examine one net at a time for now. Building from source for Windows is outside my skill set.

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