[Linux] How do I change where the files are saved?

Howdy All,

I installed a few months ago and now that I am using Kicad, I would like to save the files in organized folders. My Linux system is running the [2014 Jan 25] version, installed from tarball and compiled with no problems…
Unfortunately, I cannot find a configuration setting for keeping all the files generated by using all the tools. All the files are dumped into my HOME directory regardless of where the .pro files are for the individual projects. I created a …/Kicad folder, but they go into the mess of all my other config files. I would like to keep them all in a single directory. Is there a file I can modify to make this work, or a config file setting I can tweak?

Thanks for any hints or info!


Why are you using a three year old version? Many of us have not even used it, making it hard to assist you.

I’m not clear which files you are talking about. Generally speaking, when you save a file you choose where it is saved. I don’t recall any config setting which specifies a default location for saving files.

I would echo @davidsrsb and recommended to get a KiCad version from the v.4.0.x series if possible. There have been quite a few changes since 2014.

I can only speak for windows, but there I can navigate to where I want to put projects and usually create a folder per project - KiCAD even asks if it should create another project folder in that location if it encounters another .pro file where I’m pointing it at…

Recent versions of KiCad definitely do not do this.

I know three years doesn’t sound like much, but KiCad has evolved a ton in just the past couple years - I echo the others in strongly suggesting an upgrade.