[linux] EEschema grid and component alignment

So, I’ve just updated to the newest version of KiCad from the old 2013.07.07 stable on linux. The behavior seems to have changed regarding the moving or grabbing of components. Before is would use the component anchor and align to the user set grid, now it just seems to pick it up where the mouse cursor is. Is this something that can be changed or am I destine to curse myself for forgetting to set the grid back to the correct setting after making some aesthetic change?

I’m wondering who would be the contributor that might be able to point me where I could change this in the code. I guess I could start looking:) It would be nice to toggle the behaviour with a hotkey (another thing I would like to look at and understand).

As of build 6653 this is now fixed! So happy, but would be even more happy if I could get the source to build on my Linux machine… grrr broke something. Anyway, confirmed with the nightly build on my Mac, would be nice if the Ubuntu nightly build would get caught up (maybe having the same issues I’m having…, still stuck on 6634)

The Ubuntu nightly builds are currently at 6663. Try the following commands to make sure you are up-to-date:

sudo rm -f /usr/local/bin/kicad /usr/local/bin/eeschema /usr/local/bin/pcbnew /usr/local/bin/pl_editor /usr/local/bin/gerbview /usr/local/bin/pcb_calculator
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kicad
dpkg -l kicad

Not working here in Ubuntu 14.04, i even cleaned apt-get cache to make ubuntu download the file again and it came with 6634.

@Richard_Howlett @intart both of you are right.

There are build problems for Ubuntu 14.01, see the column on the right:

Hopefully this can be fixed easily by @jsreynaud