Linux AppImage for V5.1.2 is online now


What is an AppImage ?

I have never used fuse before. Now I understand that an AppImage file depends on fuse in Linux in order to work. But I still donā€™t know what fuse does.

Has anybody used the Linux AppImage version of kicad 5.1.2 yet? Does it read files from the regular linux filesystem (where you mount installed application programs, typically /usr/bin/, or user files at /home/user/path/to/kicad/)? Does it write files to the regular linux filesystem ?

Hi @Russ
an AppImage definetely reads/writes from/to the regular file system. It is seamless in the usage. It will setup the config folder in /home/user/.config/kicad
There all the persistent settings will be stored in between the KiCad sessions.

Kind regards, Karl

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