Links are not working on emails from this Forum

Hi guys,

Kicad Forum use to send emails when people reply to my posts. This is working fine.

However, one thing that is not working anymore is the Visit Topic link on the email. Even the unsubscribe button does not work.


Actually, all the links in those emails do not work, and instead, I get this.


Is this something happening on my end or does it happen for all of you?

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This question is hidden inside the post.

Can you post the link address?

If you look at the address of the webserver that does not have the URL you wanted, it seems to be your email filter company, not the KiCad webserver. It’s the same mail filter company another forum member uses. The advice in that thread was to whitelist the KiCad domain.

Thanks, guys.

I could see that I could access the links from the smartphone using 4G.
Then I realized it could be the Pi-Hole I am using…
Disabling it for some minutes allowed me again to follow the links…

However, the link is a bit strange:

When I click on the button that has this big URL… it shows Google something in the URL, and then after some miliseconds it changes to this one, which is the right one.
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Your spam filter modified the link so that It could do a check on the destination before allowing or not the redirect. But that’s a bit poor of your spam filter company not to have a valid URL for the case when the redirect is disallowed. Or maybe your PiHole software isn’t up to date.

There is an update indeed, did not see it before. Let me see if this is going to be improved. Thanks @retiredfeline


But what is this domain?
Shouldn’t it be the directly?

As I said: Your spam filter modified the link so that It could do a check on the destination before allowing or not the redirect.

When the redirect is disallowed because of a dodgy destination, then you are directed to this domain where presumably the webpage will explain why your destination was banned.

I am using Gmail. This URL is displayed when I hover the mouse over the links there.

I don’t think I actively put something to do that.
This means Gmail is doing that, correct?

However, I am trying to discuss that on Pi-Hole forum, which is exactly like this one. And the links on emails from that Forum are working fine. They send me directly to the post in the forum.

The post is this one if you are interested.

Well I’m only surmising what happens since I don’t run PiHole. One way or another, your request is modified. I know that Gmail also rewirtes URLs in email to subject them to checking so it could be that too. Anyway this is outside the scope of KiCad so I’ll bow out here and leave you to your investigations.

Ok, thanks for the help.

Could you tell me which url do you see when you hover the mouse on the links in the emails received from this forum?

I get same domain and it gets blocked by uBlock for me


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Sorry I opted out of emails from this forum. But I have seen that Gmail has modified the links if I read email in a browser or with the app.

The solution, for me, and maybe for you is simple. Add this domain to the whitelist.

But who is using this domain? The forum itself or the Gmail?

I would prefer to not whitelist this thing since right now we don’t know what this is, what it is doing and who is doing this.

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