Linking pins in hierarchical schematic


I’ve been playing around with hierarchical schematics. I’ve got making new sheets and liking pins from the bottom up down.

How do you work from the top down?

When working from the bottom up I make a new sheet. In that sheet place hierarchical pins. The back in the first sheet i import the pins and everything is linked.

I’ve figured out that i can place pins into a newly created sheet but when i open that sheet how do i link the pins?


Simple. Choose “Place Hierarchical Sheet” (Shift-S, or use the icon on the right-hand toolbar). Draw a box for the sheet symbol. Then in the “schematic sheet properties” dialog that pops up, give it a reasonable file name and a reasonable sheet name (the latter is basically the sheet’s reference designator).

Now you can double-click in the subsheet’s box, or use the hierarchy navigator, to get to that new sheet. Then just start placing parts and wires. Remember that you need to add hierarchical labels in the sub sheet if you want signals to be brought UP, and in the subsheet’s instance in the higher-level schematic you have to add hierarchical pins.


The work flow you described is bottom up. You have to first create pins in the bottom sheet and then bring them up to the subsheet box.

There is a button in eschema (Place hierarchical pin in sheet) that can place pins into subsheet boxes. Once the pins are placed in the subseet box how do you bring them down to the actual subsheet?


I think i understand your problem. (I don’t know a real solution thought.)

The only workaround i could suggest is that you place the labels manually inside the hierarchical sheet. (write down the pin names u used and create a hierarchical label within the sheet.)


It is not a workaround: it is the way to do it.


In the subsheet, you do “place a hierarchical label.”

You can do either bottom-up or top-down. If doing bottom-up, you create the subsheet symbol like I describe above, then enter the subsheet, draw the schematic, and make sure to add the hierarchical labels to bring the necessary signals up. Then in the higher-level sheet, choose “place hierarchical pin imported from the corresponding hierarchical label” for each hierarchical label in the subsheet.

If doing top-down and you know the names of the lower-level signals you need to bring up, draw the subsheet symbol, place hierarchical pins on the subsheet symbol, and then go into the subsheet schematic and draw it.

Usually, you end up doing bottom up.


No, that’s a work around.
The function that’s missing is “Import H-Connector from H-block” when inside the schematic, just as you can “Import H-pin from scheamtic” when you’re editing the H-block.


Never mind. The fact is the function is not implemented (yet?) not a non-working function, isn’t it?