Linking imported schematic and layout

Hello everyone,

So, I imported eagle schematic and pcb layout to kicad project, but it’s like they are not linked together, as when I press “update pcb with changes made to schematic” button, it imports all of the components to the pcb! how can I make it so that it only updates the new changes that I made.

Thank you.

I think you can import a whole Eagle project into KiCad, but my last attempt with eagle was a long time ago.

Normally KiCad synchronizes between the schematic and the PCB with internally generated UUID’s. If this fails for some reason (such as separate import of schematic and PCB, then you can use: Schematic Editor / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic with: Option / Re-link footprints to schematic symbols based on their reference designators turned on. This does of course assume that the Reference Designators in the schematic match with those on the PCB.


Thank you, that solved the issue that I had.