Link to localy stored datasheet in exported pdf schematic not working


I am currently trying to find a way to:

  • put multiple hyperlink (pointing to localy storred pdfs) to one single schematic symbol
  • getting the local storred PDF Datatasheet links also working in the exported (ploted)

Does someone has this working?

I found other threads where they discussed which paths might work

For me all tested paths are working in eeschema itself, but not in the exported pdf.

Might this be a bug or missing feature or does someone knows how to do this?

Check to make sure that you are using Acrobat PDF. Many PDF features are not implemented in other viewers

Make sure you’re using Plot to generate the PDFs. The features you mention won’t work if you use Print with your OS’s print-to-pdf driver.

yes, I used Adobe Acrobat PDF

yes, I used Plot, I will try to create a reproducible demo

I created a bug / feature request and added a demo:

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