Link a saved copy of a PCB back to its schematic

HI there, i saved a copy of the pcb i was working on, so i could try a different layout.

I have just noticed that its no longer linked to the schematic the original one was linked to.

Is there a way to link this new saved copy back to the original schematic?

Thankyou for any help.

You could copy the complete folder.

Or in your case, copy the complete folder, go to the new folder, replace the linked kicad_pcb file (in the new folder) with the modified one. And then open the project in the new folder.**

Alternatively, you could move the non-modified pcb to a new name and create a (soft) link to the new pcb with the same name of the old pcb. (not a recommended way)

AFAIK you can not have a PCB with a different name than the project (without any other tricks like a link).

The other, much better, method is to use a version control system, which is a good idea in many other regards too. Then you could save, create a new branch, save it there and if you want to go back to the master branch that doesn’t have the modifications.

** On Linux that would be:

cd /path/to/pcb/project/..
cp -r project project_new
cd project_new 
mv modified_pcb.kicad_pcb projectname.kicad_pcb
kicad ./projectname.kicad_pro

Thankyou for the reply, that worked :slight_smile:

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