Lines : Is there a means to change line properties for a multiselect which only includes shapes?

Is there a means to batch change line properties (that is, to change line properties for multiple selected shapes)?

For example, seen below, it would be helpful not to need to change the line properties for the 8 shapes highlighted (4 times), nor copy-paste the first 8 shapes and need to realign them on the grid.

Not to my knowledge. Knowledge improved with next post :slightly_smiling_face:

Select > hot key “Ctrl + D” (Duplicate) is easier than Select > Copy / Paste.


Schematic Editor → Edit → Edit Text&Graphics properties. (v6+v7)

It’s also useful to mention the used kicad version (kicad v0.16 doesn’t have this feature, kicad v799/v8 contains the new properties panel).


User is in the PCB (not Schematic)

There are at least Three ways to Change/Edit ‘Multiple’ Line Widths (and other):

  1. Use the Python Console to enter Commands
  2. Use the Edit>Text_and_Graphic properties
  3. Use a Plugin

Video shows 2) and 3) (Menubar-Mouse/Cursor Clicks are Off-Screen but, you know that…)


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