Linear regulator

I’m trying to find a generic linear regulator( 3pins ) ic symbol in KiCad libraries. do you have an idea in which library I can find a generic one?

In the schematic-editor use the “Add symbol” command. The Symbol Chooser-window opens.
In the search-field (At the top of the Symbol Chooser-window) type as abbreviation: regu line (you can also type the whole words: regulator linear).

The symbol chooser than happily presents the library “Regulator_Linear” with plenty of symbols, including simple 3-pin-regulators.

thank you.
is there a general regulator symbol (generic) there? like the generic elements in the Device library.

Even the 3 terminal regulators have two options, the third pin to Common and the third pin Adjust

Even the 3 terminal regulators have two options, the third pin to Common and the third pin Adjust

And thats not all, there are more possibilities of changed pin-assignments (compare 7805 <–> 1117-5.0). A long time ago as a young engineer I also thougtht “all 3pin-regulators are the same”. Resulted in bad prototype boards:).

@Mina_Karami_Zadeh :
you need at least a symbol with correct pinassignment.
I would recommend to use the uA7805-symbol as a first start. But be sure to check against the real footprint as soon as you know the real used regulator.

thank you. uA7805 seems to be a good choice! the problem is solved now!

There are literally millions of different electronics parts, and changing existing library symbols or even making new symbols is a quite normal part of working with any schematics & PCB design program.
It’s also quite easy to do in KiCad.

The first time you do so, it may take an hour or even longer to understand how working with (project specific) libraries works, but once you’ve done it a few times, it takes just a few minutes.

KiCad also uses the “value” field for type numbers of IC’s, and changing the IC name is just as easy as changing the value of a transistor or capacitor.

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Just beware that negative regulators like 7905 have different pinout and pin numbering.
This is due to the back of the silicon, which sits on the centre pin lead frame of a TO-220, having to be the most negative part of the circuit

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