Line return on Place text > Text Properties > Text?


is there a way to write more lines into the field text Properties when you use Place Text?



Eeschema / Place / Graphic Text [Shift + T] does just that.

Or are you referring to another dialog?

And if you are using last nights download changing colour is now easy thanks to @JeffYoung.
Before last night colour change for text was “notes”

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OMG then I surely made something wrong that made close the window each time, instead of inserting new line. Hence I tired with CTRL+ENTER and ALT+ENTER of course without being able.

no no, just this. As I said probably I did several times something stupidly wrong, because the window closed instead to insert new line. Shame on me

I would check the “Hot-Key’s” panel to ensure no conflicts and that desired keys do as desired. Also, check you computer’s hot keys (I use a Mac and you see no problem for me)

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What do you mean? Was it possible to change color of the text in v6.0? (I do not mean v6.9)

How to do that, what is “notes”?


Edit / Edit text and graphic properties / Schematic text and graphics / Bottom RH corner

Before “last night”… last December, it was possible but very obscure.
It was Edit / Edit text and graphics / Notes

Within the hour of my making a Gitlab report @JeffYoung had changed “Notes” to “Schematic Text and Graphics” making the properties much easier to find.

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