Line breaks in pad names

Is it possible to make pad name with line break? I’m trying to add stm8s001.

I can see doing this on the schematic, but is it really needed for a footprint? Have you tried? If so, what hasn’t worked?

I assume you mean pin name (for a symbol). Pad is used in the footprint (to differentiate these two i think.)

Not that i am aware of.

It might not even be a good idea. A better idea would be to make a project specific symbol where you show which pin has what function in this project.

In the official lib we recomment the use of only one name per pin without the inclusion of alternative functions. (For now)

The new lib format might (hopefully) include the option to have multiple functions per pin. (This will not be included in kicad v5 we can only hope it will be included in v6) This will make creating a general symbol much easier.

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You are right, pin name, sorry for my mistake. I think it’s just stm8s001 specific problem. Is it look reasonable to name by port layout (PD5/PD3/PD1/PC6 for pin 8 for example)?

That depends on your usecase. Some things can not be said in general. As i said i would name it specifically for the usecase of your current project. So if you use PD5 with function AIN5 name it PD5/AIN5

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It will be used in several projects, so I don’t have the exact usecase. I have to make more or less universal library component.

I don’t think that will work. KiCad doesn’t place text outside the symbol and if it did, the text would be hiding wires.
A separate informational text box detailing the pin options would be better. This could be a second part of a multi-part symbol

In this case your given example would be the best option. Namely PD5/PD3/PD1/PC6 for pin 8.