Limited choice on footprint list

I have been using KiCAD for several years now and I have just run into a strange behavior that I have never seen before. In Schematic, I bring up CvPcb so that I can assign footprints to the symbols. I have just added two instances of a diode and the list of footprints is very limited. For every symbol (except the ones I just added) I have a choice of the same 370 footprints from all of the currently selected libraries. Then I place the cursor on one of the new components and I only have a choice of 101 footprints and the one I want is not listed any more. I don’t understand why the list of choices is only different for the new components that I just added.

What is going on here?

My guess you have a filter activated. Read this: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

That was it. I’ve never used the filter and I suppose I pressed one of the icons by accident.

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