Limit on posts-in-a-row

This is sort of awkward when trying to update the “Post 8.0 features” thread…

It’s a limit that only the site admins can change

@ChrisGammell is the only active admin that has that access level. I put up a Discourse site to play with. I don’t remember that specific setting but there are tons of things in the backend to play with.

Short term have someone else post and delete the post later?

That may be true, but I see it as a valuable limitation when a certain type of poster keeps “venting.”

I have been bitten by this (or something similar) too a few times. There were times when I was helping someone and during the timespan of a few hours there was only OP and me on this forum. He was asking for ever more details, and I obliged. After a while the forum software started complaining about a “one sided discuccion” or something. It did not allow me to add more posts before a third person posted a message, which was not going to happen during the “silent hours” of this forum’s daily cycle.

I found it both silly and annoying to set those automatic limits. If a user is “misbehaving”, then simple rules like this are not going to help. What does seem to help is when a user gets a few PM’s over his behavior, and how / why it does not fit with the policy of this forum. Therefore, I don’t agree with ML9104 on this point.

But overall, it is not a very important topic either. I guess I bumped into silly things like this maybe 5 times in 7 years.

The Topic owner and Moderators are not limited by this feature. As the Topic owner mentions above, Admin are able to change this feature.

I have had spammers pouring out posts as OP. A minimum time feature would help

This is my thought as well. It’s definitely something that I think helps prevent spammers, but less so for the updates posts like you mentioned with the 8.0 features.

The general method with Discourse (as I understand it) is they expect that the users should go back and edit the post / response in question, instead of continually sending replies to ones’ self. For something like the 8.0 update post, could we 'wikify" the post that is announcing the features? It’d be one long post still, but that would also allow others to add to it. We could restrict who is able to write to the wiki. Happy to discuss, if that would help.

Also could just change the limits when we’re ready to do that type of post in the future.

This forum uses the default, level three and above, to create wikis and “wikify” existing posts.

Although the default for editing wikis is level 1, this forum only allows wiki editing by level three and above.

Hardly surprising, most technical wikis are locked down to a few selected editors due to determined spammers

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