"Limit graphic lines to H, V and 45 degrees" but for traces

When dragging traces around in pcbnew, kicad makes traces which are not locked to 45 or 90 degree angles. Is there a way to force it to keep them as 45 or 90 degree traces? There appears to be an option in the preferences to do this for graphic lines, but not traces.

Is it possible you use hotkey g (grab) instead of d (drag)?

… or using 5.1.5 which had some strange bug on allowing weird-angled traces.
Fixed in Pre-5.1.6 testing which I recommend for normal use.

The weird angle thing of 5.1.5 is not a problem during drag but while adding another trace to the middle of an existing one.

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Thanks! I was indeed using ‘g’, I didn’t realise that ‘d’ was different.

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