Light red wires not on a layer

I have autorouted part of my design and I noticed that there are some darker and lighter red traces. These lighter red traces dont seem to be on any layer. Which would mean that they probably wouldnt get to the manufacturer. Am I doing something wrong?

The bright red traces are the same as the other traces, except they have highlight selected. Click on the Highlight Net button, then click on background and finally zoom in/out to remove the highlight.

Thank you, that makes a lot more sense now.

Ah, I had the same issue and was wondering if there is some violation but DRC didn’t complain. I finally found this post. If you wonder where that highlight button is, it’s on the right side two icons below the select tool. It’s circled in the attached image. Then as bobc said, you just click somewhere in the black area outside your board (maybe other places work, too). To refresh the view you can also press F3.

The circled button is not the highlight net button :wink: (You circled the “display local ratsnest” button. In legacy mode this switches to a mode where fewer ratsnest lines are shown. Does not work in opengl.)

The highlight net button is the one above the one you circled.

Rene, indeed I circled the wrong one. It’s the one that is highlighted (blue background) and not the one I put the circle around. So here is the correct screenshot. Thanks for pointing this out.