Library update from digikey-kicad-library


I want to upload the library from digikey-kicad–library. As i’m new to this i do not know how to do it. someone can help me. The corresponding web is as follow.


At that page, look to the right side for the bright green button “clone or download.” Click it. You’ll get presented with options, one of which is “Download ZIP.” Click that. The libraries will be downloaded to wherever your browser puts things.

then copy the contents of the archive to the proper locations (OS dependent).


I ended up making a video about this (many months later):



I think I got it. Yea boy! I just used the .zip file since I was using Windows today. I did try to git clone the item and was successful, too.

  1. Make sure your left screen in KiCAD is occupied.
  2. Then go to “Tools.”
  3. Pick “Run Library Editor.”
  4. Then pick in your “Library Editor,” “Preferences” and then “Component Libraries.”
  5. On the top section of your “Component Libraries” tab, click on “Add.”
  6. Highlight your entire “Library” from your file menu (whatever library you choose).
    a. .lib files only.
  7. Click on your “Open” tab on “File Explorer” once the .lib files have been highlighted.
  8. DONE!
  9. Drink tea and relax…for a bit.
  10. Um?


P.S. This should help a bit or maybe not.