Library update crash


Reproducer for a crash:

Clone the GitHub libraries using the script in the kicad sources.

Set up the paths to point at the symbols, footprints and 3D packages

New project, new schematic

Add an ATMEGA32U2 to the schematic sheet.

Click Annotate:
1: click ‘Cancel’ through the following error dialog

Errors were encountered loading footprints:
footprint library path “/Users/jeff/work/KiCAD/library-repos/Connectors_Terminal_Blocks.pretty” does not exist
footprint library path “/Users/jeff/work/KiCAD/library-repos/Discret.pretty” does not exist
footprint library path “/Users/jeff/work/KiCAD/library-repos/Divers.pretty” does not exist
footprint library path “/Users/jeff/work/KiCAD/library-repos/IR-DirectFETs.pretty” does not exist
footprint library path “/Users/jeff/work/KiCAD/library-repos/Labels.pretty” does not exist
footprint library path “/Users/jeff/work/KiCAD/library-repos/Mechanical_Sockets.pretty” does not exist

2: click Yes on the following dialog box

Some of the assigned footprints are legacy entries (are missing lib nicknames). Would you like CvPcb to attempt to convert them…

Error dialog:
kicad Error
Unhandled exception of unknown type

Clicking OK exits the program.


The place to report (and monitor) bugs is at
Make sure to provide version and system info. Be aware that the last 3 Windows nightlies have a just discovered bug causing crash in GAL canvas almost without doing anything.


The script you use is quite old and because it is shipped with your kicad version might work with outdated information.
This seems to have resulted in adding libs to your fp-lib-table that should not be in there (legacy entries.) I am not sure where this script gets the information what to download. (It definetly does not use the table that is in the main library repo. Otherwise these old libs would not be added)

There is a better more powerfull script in the kicad library utils repo
It requires git and python to be installed.
It also does not setup the fp-lib-table (use the library wizard found in pcb_new or footprint editor preferences menu for that)
But it allows to checkout a specific release tag.

You can also use the library wizard directly to do everything from within kicad. Follow this nice tutorial by @bobc for that

The problem with the workflows mentioned above is that they do not work behind a proxy.
If this applies to you, you can download a snapshot of your desired version here:
(You still need to add the libs via the library wizard)

And there is an even better option if you are prepared to switch over to the new libs intended for the v5 release. (Not yet 100% ready)
There we now only have 3 repos. (one for symbols, one for footprints and one for 3d models)
More details see:
Direct link to the github io page:

Be aware that nearly all library names and footprint names have changed. This means you also need the new symbol lib. (This one is not nearly as finished as the footprint lib. This will change within the next few weeks.)
And you also need the new 3d model repo. (This is also not as finished as the footprint repo.)


Oh, excellent news, I am prepared to try new things and to test. We have not made the switch to KiCAD, and can’t until it works reasonably well, so I just come back here and test from time to time. I got quite a bit farther this time, however!

I’ll have a look at the new repos.


4.0.7 does work well.
Nightly builds are a preview of the new v5 with a lot of nice new features.


V5 is in freeze with mainly some serious bug fixes remaining. Given your positions I’d start there or simply wait for the next release. If you use Windows it would probably be fairly painless as it is my understanding they have an installer. Linux you have to set up the build environment. Not painful if you are used to it. Not sure about Mac.


Most distros have pre build nightlies install able via the package manager.