Library Symbols for Solar / Renewables

Hello all
I am new to this and hope to enjoy using the software

I will go through all the tutorials before asking too many unnecessary questions.

My primary reason for want to use KiCad is to draw schematics for solar panel and inverter installations.
Have I come to the right place or is KiCad not suited to this application.

If so, is there a library available for all the solar schematics and symbols

KiCad is a drawing program specialized to creating PCBs, so it has some overlap with other CAD tools.

Can you give an example of the sort of diagrams you want to draw?

Hi, Specifically Solar PV installations - line diagrams.
I had thus a suspicion the KiCad may not work for me. I have played around with TinyCad but developments seems to have stopped on that platform

I would suggest a general drawing package like LibreOffice Draw.

As others have said, KiCad is focussed on pcb design. Maybe worth looking at qelectrotech - an open source program for electrical diagram design. I have found it useful for designing and documenting wiring interfaces. There are a few examples here.

There are some fairly comprehensive libraries for PV stuff which work with qelectrotech here.


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