Library screw up from last night

Renee, this is to express immense appreciation for your prompt response in times of great anxiety!
The references to library discussion was very helpful- somehow I had not come across them before. I have to read it all over again…
I did a lot of manual operation of adding symbols back in the library folder. But found a dizzying number of " C already exists"…so seems somehow a lot of new symbols got lost or overwritten.
I think this is because in older versions you had to “save the library”… so I may have chosen wrong steps to save thinking why would you save a whole library for just 1 component…’
To my delight, I did not get any errors: my sch opened without screw up excepting 1 or 2 symbols. I did not find them anywhere but the sch looked ok. I had to enter the footprints again.
Which caused some minor rerouting in the pcb. To my delight even the pcb opened without problems.
But I remain stupefied: how did it all happen?
What happened to my symbols ? why can I not see them yet they seem in the sch!
Is it in the -cache produced automatically when sch does not find them in S-L-T?
I better find out soon before a bigger quake wipes out my work…
thnx again.

I’ve had similar issues with projects that were developed starting with V4 and migrating to V5.

Basic advice is to create the Rescue Library, then use the Rescue Library to fix the current library.

Thnx Jim.
How do you create a “rescue” library?
Those done by default seem to be way behind in time stamp & have “nothing to rescue” report.
Do you force to make it happen by some process?
appreciate very much this cue.

The cache lib is always produced automatically. The rescue lib is the one that is produced if kicad can not find the specified symbol in your libraries.

This normally means that you either already have a rescue lib or that the symbols used are in the library as expected by kicad.

How did you determine that the symbols are not in your libs?

Whenever I have tried to use rescue folder, I saw nothing there
But I need to check again…

I find out now that library I thought I created by manually entering each symbol does not contain anything now!
So I have achieved nothing; yet sch & netlist, routing etc all work. Although, the link between layout & sch now broken. Meaning if I select a part in pcb, it won’t be shown “red” highlighted in sch.
So the problem persists.
The screenshot upload has the last line INTCONN_GANDRVR: it is the folder which shows as .lib but clearly it is not. How do I get it back as a library with attributes of a library? Of course, just adding a .lib extension does not make it one.
After reading all the materials, I confess, could not get it done right yet.
Any further clarification on how to make a .lib & add symbols in it that are already in the folder will be greatly appreciated.LIBR_SCREEN.pdf (124.9 KB)

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