Library preferences dialog box

Under menu preferances > libraries a box comes up that frankly is baffling. Now most people will I expect use it to add their own libraries and no doubt if like me a whole folder of libraries.

But If i select a folder where all of my libraries are they just get ignored, I have to add them one by one.

Further what is the difference between “add” and “inset”, they both seem to do the same thing: NOTHING in the case of selecting an additional folder path to get libraries from.

Yeah, it’s a bit cumbersome and dated. What else is new?

You are missing my point. to what extent does it work ? what is the difference between add and insert and is it just that the add search path does not work or am I doing something wrong ?

If i add a folder path the libraries in it are not included if I go to add a part in the usual way.

so basically that part of the dialog box is not working at the moment.

That’s his problem… he expects pointing the tool at the folder must be enough for it to load all libs in that folder…

Have a look at the .pro file… there you see the folder(s) and the libs listed separate from each other…

oh I see. The options make it look like I can just asdd a folder, but I don’t see the point of adding the folder if it does nothing

That’s why I answered how I did in the first post after yours :wink: