Library does not show the same element according to the way I try to access them

Hello all

When creating my schematic, I’ve encountered a rather strange phenomena with one of my custom lib.

When looking for a part from my lib, I usually type the name of my lib in the “Choose component” window, and then find my component in the drop-down menu corresponding to my lib.

However, some component of my lib do not show up in this menu for whatever reason. In the other hand, I am pretty sure that they are in my lib for two reasons :

  • if I type directly their name instead of the name of the lib in the search bar, I can find them without problems, and they appear in the right lib
  • if I manually go for the lib, that is to say I don’t type the name of the lib in the search bar but I directly scroll down through all the available libs to find my lib, then I can see all my components in the lib

Here the list of the components according to if I accessed the drop-down menu by typing lib name or manually printed it :




Maybe it is noticeable that the hidden elements all begin by a + or - symbol ?

There are two separate tools for adding things to your schematic: the top one (the op-amp symbol) is for adding everything except Power Symbols, while the bottom one (the ground symbol) is for adding Power Symbols.

Did you look at the end of the symbol list? ±_ sorting is sometimes a bit erratic.

I did, but it does not show anything better !

I get your point ! However, I can’t even access my lib through the power symbol menu ! (i type its name and get no result)

Furthermore, it is strange that i can still access power element trough symbol menu vy typing their names or manually scrolling to my library !

(and sorry for the delayed response)

Oh and another point is that the same phenomena appears in the symbol editor ! That is to say I don’t see the power symbols if I access the lib by typing its name in the search bar, but I can see them if I manually scroll until the lib.

I have more or less the same problem with my footprint library : I can’t even get to access it if I type its name in the search bar (I have empty results) but if I scroll down the drop-down menu, I can fin it easily, use its components, etc …

Any thoughts on this ?

I cannot duplicate the issue.

I placed two power symbols in a personal test library and this was the result when I select that library:


Just typing +3.3V into the “Add Symbol” search gives:

It shows in the test library, my personal Power library and the Kicad Power Library as well as a number of other places.

Do you only have one Personal Library and how many symbols does it contain?

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Mmh indeed it works for you
I only have one, with 40 symbols!