Library browser gone in V5?


Today is my first try to look around in V5 (previously I only tried to open my 4.0.7 project).
Is there in V5 something replacing Library Browser?

What I am planing as my first task with V5 will be copying interested symbols to my libs and edit them.
In Library Browser (4.0.7) using “down arrow” I could very fast look through all symbols in lib.
In V5 I can’t see such possibility. It looks Library browser is gone.

In library editor I found only two ways to see selected symbol:

  • right click,
  • double click.
    But they don’t allow to look through library fast enough.

In Manage Symbol Libraries there is button “Browse Libraries…” but it is not that.

Do you know the way to look through libs fast?


Not sure it is fast enough for you, but you can use the up/down arrows and Enter/Return for each symbol. At least, you don’t have to use your mouse…


v5 seems the same… eeschema->View->Library Browser, also on tool bar.


I used to go fast and stop if any interesting (untypical) symbol just flashed for a moment. It is not a method in normal work but as I started with KiCad recently I planed to move to V5 by starting form beginning. And it is to get a basic set of symbols to have a start point for my libraries. It looks it will take me much more time then with 4.0.7 :frowning:


I have always went into it from Library Editor so were looking for it well known way.