Libraries used by 5.1.x Windows Testing releases

Does anybody know why the post 5.1.7 release 5.1.x Testing builds are using older symbol libraries than 5.1.7?
The total package size is a fair bit smaller than 5.1.7, so I suspect that there is more to it than I first see
kicad-5.1.7_1-x86_64.exe 29/9/2020… 1,233,516 KB
kicad-5.1-jenkins-99-x86_64.exe 15/10/202… 1,182,478 KB

Don’t know the answer but it seems b25dc192 are the very last symbol libraries available in the old file format (v5 is some 10 days older)

When I upgraded from Jenkins -72 to 5.1.7-1, I had a few symbol updates, all clearly error corrections on pin types.
Going forwards to Jenkins-99 and the same symbols changed back again

One possibility would be that the nightlies get the libs from github but stable already from gitlab. (This would require that the 5.1.7 tag was made after the transfer)

5.1.7 tag exists in both github and gitlab.

The 5.1 nightlies build script is still pointed at 5.1.2 for the libraries fwiw


That would cause the problem
Is it @GyrosGeier who sets this?

No, its @nickoe, it should be fixed now

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Hopefully, because 5.1.2 was April 2019. A lot has happened to the libraries since then

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Please verify it on the latest build.

No sign of todays build on the server, something went wrong
Last one is yesterdays (15th) jenkins-99
I presume todays would be jenkins-100, which might cause a name issue

@davidsrsb Right… I fixed it and it will hopefully turn up eventually as build 102.


Looks good, the file size is now very close to 5.1.7-1, as you would expect
My projects are now using the corrected symbols


All has gone smoothly until yesterday when 5.1.8 got tagged
No build for the 29th and this is the one that fixes a nasty symbol recovery bug

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