(Libraries not found) suddenly


So suddenly after I finished up working on a pcb when I wen to create another one it showed me this error:

and the components are infact not see able any quick fix for that problem? also for somereason the common KiCad BOM plugin didn’t work here thought it would be related.

Thanks for helping.

Do you run a nightly build? If so: Did you recently update your nightly version? (The libs you listed where recently renamed in the githup repo in preparation for the v5 release.)

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Oh yes, if you say so I’ll try and update up but how do you suggest I do the update? uninstall the program from control panel on the install has something that does that automatically?

Where did i say you should update?
It was a question not a suggestion!

you said something about the V5 release. thought it is already available.

Months away yet for v5.
You can use Nightlies if you don’t want to export a project to a 4.0.7 Stable user and are willing to take the extra backup precautions for using a more capable, but occasionally buggy version.

I said in preparation for v5.

And we still don’t know what kicad version you run.

I said nightly the latest one but guess if it’s because the repo is directly connected to github I just have to add the symbols manually… but how comes this is being done just like that if the developers know this would break the software for everyone abit??!

Because nightly is not guaranteed to work. (For production you should use stable) Nightly is there for users to test new features. (Everything else is too much work. Don’t ask me why they include the libs in nightly.)

If you are on windows you can update your nightly without updating symbol and 3d libs. (There is an option during the install process.)
For ubuntu the libs are a separated package. I am not sure if the main package has the libs as dependency. (If it does not you can also easily keep old libs.)

You also have the option to download whatever version of the lib you like and setup kicad to use these libs. (I would suggest you download the libs tagged as 4.0.7)

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