Libraries from the offcial repo. How to activate?

Hi, im new in kicad.

I get all the git libraries from

Im using nigth build of Kicad, and works fine.

Now, i dont undesrtand how to replace the installed libraries with the new ones o download.

I change the paths to my new paths but kicad dont get all the libraries and complain about a lot of lib missing.

Can please point me to manual or explain how to organize that?

Best regards.

Try How can i install a specific version of the footprint library?, follow instructions for v5.

Thanks, im a mac user and the docs say:

ToDo: add location for Mac

Do you know where it is?

Best regards.

I don’t, but if you open pcbnew, then menu Preferences->Footprint Library Table it shows the path at the top of the dialog.

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Is $HOME/Library/Preferences/kicad/fp-lib-table BTW, if some other mac user hith the same rock!

Best regards

Thanks for the info. Added faq to the post.

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