Libraries for typical guitar/audio components


Hello, Do libraries exist for typical components of a guitar or audio amplifier, such as specific preamp and power tubes, power and output transformers with secondaries for heaters and rectifier, chokes, 1/4 in input and output jacks? Thank you for your attention.


There are a limited number of tubes in the “Valves” library. You could use what’s there as a guide to making your own if needed. There are symbols for transformers. Again. if they aren’t board mounted then that’s all you really need. Otherwise use some of the ones there to model what you need. I don’t see any 1/4 inch jacks but here again, for the schematic there are enough symbols to use and we could offer advice on how to do the footprint if needed. It shouldn’t be all that complicated.


Thanks Hermit, I realize that modding the symbols isn’t all that complicated, as you say, but I was hoping to eliminate as much complication as possible just to keep it simple. At this point I only need to get a working schematic, and I doubt that I will be printing PCBs so I guess the footprints are not vital. Just for the record, I wonder if you could tell me in what linux (ubuntu/mint) directory I should place any libraries I do decide to download. Thanks again.


Usually anywhere in your home directory that makes sense to you. All you need is to keep it away from the official libraries so it doesn’t get trashed on updates and you don’t run into permission errors when trying to access it.