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Excusez moi je parle très peu anglais

J’ai créé une librairie personnelle avec les composants que j’utilise couramment, à chaque nouveau projet je suis obligé de faire une manipulation pour faire apparaître ma librairie dans la liste des librairies résidente.

Dans les “Préférences” j’ai déclaré le chemin où se trouve ma librairie.

Pouvez-vous me dire comment procéder pour quelle remonte automatiquement avec les autres librairies?

D’avance Merci!



Excuse me I speak very little English

I created a personal library with the components that I use fluently, with each new project I have to make a manipulation to make my library appear in the list of resident libraries.

In the "Preferences" I declared the path where my bookstore is.

Can you tell me how to do it automatically with other libraries?

Thanks in advance!


A library can be added either as Project Specific or Global. Global libraries are available to all projects.
So add your path to the Global libraries.

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I have no clue what you wrote here (use english on an international forum). From the answer by @pedro wrote i guess this tutorial might be of use to you: Library management in KiCad version 5

Google Chrome had build-in Translation directly as you read on its pop-up menu. Firefox had plugin for it. :slight_smile:

The OP also wrote in English at the bottom of his (her) post.

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Sorry i missed that you also had an english version.

A tip for the future: If one has a dual language post (or mail) then it is customary to state this as the first sentence (Put something like “English version below”)
This really has to be written in the second language such that people who can not read your first language can find the note about the second language usage

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