Lib-table file locations on linux & windows & mac

Hey y’all,

I’ve been running kicad-nightlys on both my Mac and my Windows machines for a couple years.
I recently started using Linux Mint 19.1 and want to copy over my ‘lib-tables’ to Linux.

However, I always forget what directories/folders the files ‘fp-lib-table’ and ‘sym-lib-table’ are stored in on both Mac and Windows, and now I’m interested in learning where these files exist on Linux.

Are there any resources or documentation on this subject? Let me know if I need to elaborate on anything

Appendix of Library management in KiCad version 5

plus you should be prompted with an option to import an existing library table on running the library editors for the first time. (on a clean user profile. If you do not get it prompted then you sadly need to go the manual route.)

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Thanks for sending this over. I’ll check these paths when I’m next at my linux or windows machine.
Mac path is accurate!

So I did a little search on my linux box, and each and every project has it’s own copy of fp-lib-table.

Some other interesting locations:

paul@dualcore:~$ locate fp-lib-table

This is not a copy of the global lib table. This is the project local library table. See the faq article already linked above.

I think that is the actual global library table

Those are project local library tables.

I think that is the template used when KiCad is installed and there isn’t a global library table in the designated KiCad config folder.

Also, the default paths can be overridden by KICAD_CONFIG_HOME. The actual path used is shown in the library table editor dialog.


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