Lib File Documentation

Where can I find documentation about the .lib file format generated by the Library Editor?

More specifically, in the docs under the heading “Contents of a *.lib file” I see the file format in question:

EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.3
#encoding utf-8
DEF COMP U 0 40 Y Y 1 F N
F0 "U" -1800 -100 50 H V C CNN
F1 "COMP" -1800 100 50 H V C CNN
S -2250 -800 -1350 800 0 0 0 N
S -450 -800 450 800 0 0 0 N
X PIN1 1 -2550 600 300 R 50 50 1 1 I
X PIN49 49 750 -500 300 L 50 50 1 1 I
#End Library

Where can I find the documentation on this file format, parameter requirements, etc.? For example, how do I find out what F0 and F1 stand for?

I found this third party documentation but it claims:

KiCad itself also comes with documentation on the file formats.

but I see no link to where this would be.

I also found an unresolved thread from 2016 on this as well.

Have you taken a look to this file ? (specifically p. 8)

Link from:

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I had not. Thank you for pointing it out! I was unaware this was a “legacy” format as it seems to be the only format I’m seeing :sweat_smile:.

That in addition to the third party documentation I linked to are enough to answer my questions. Thanks!

I believe they declared legacy because it doesn’t have all the features introduced in the newest versions (v6 in development and maybe even v5), but the base of the file format is pretty similar (afaik)

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