LGA component pad spacing is smaller than minimum solder mask bridge size

Using the PAM8013 datasheet I created a foot print according to the dimensions. The spacing between the pads is 0.15mm which is smaller than PCBWays minimum solder mask size of 0.19mm.

PCBWay say that by not having solder mask between the pads could influence soldering.

It is the first time using an LGA package this small, so how is this situation usually handled?

I don’t like to work with anything that fine, and I have never tried what you are trying…but perhaps you need to go to a higher quality pcb fab?

0.15 mm is about 6 mils. The strange thing is that even 40+ years ago, 0.2 mm was not a problem…

Rightly or wrongly, I am reminded of a sailboat. It can be cheap or comfortable or fast…you get to pick any two…

Not sure if this is the right parameter but at

I see * Soldermask Minimum dam: (0.004") which is 0.1 mm.

I have no experience or association with that company. It is the first one which popped into my head however.

I have actually switch to PAM8304 in a slightly larger package.

However I am still interested in how others experienced with such small packages approach this.

As for other manufactures I see JLCPCB supports 0.1mm

When 12 years ago I used 100pin 0.4mm raster IC for the first time I read several app notes telling that in such case yo do one solder mask opening for each row of pads. So I had 4 openings each for 25 pads.
The reason is that too thin solder mask stripe can break away and if it happens it to stick to pad (under device pin) it can ruin the soldering.
My standard was 3 mils solder mask margin and 3 mils minimum mask width.
Moving to mm I changed it to 0.075mm. So minimum pad distance is 3x0.075=0.225mm.
Recently, after consultation with the contract manufacturer, in one design, I reduced margin to 0.055mm and width to 0.07mm to allow me to have 0.22mm pads in 0.4mm raster (gap=0.18mm) with solder mask between pads.