Length tuner feature regression

So today I switched to v8 and I like most of the new features, also around length matching. However I think there was one very convenient feature removed while reworking the length matching tool:

the option to set whatever target length while being in the tool.

at least I can’t find it anymore. the option I see rn and which is in the documentation is setting a net or netclass based custom rule. Meaning I have to stop the editing of a track, open a specific menu and navigate to the specific section, change the value, close the menu, restart the routing tool, find and select the track I edited again. This is very inconvenient compared to the old approach where you could just open a right-click menu, change the target length and right away continue editing the track and makes testing out different target lengths really painful.

What do others think about this change? I don’t really see the reason why the right-click menu was removed, because custom and otherwise ignored length targets can still be set while editing the new tuning patterns.

It is a little different in v8, but you can still set a length target for a given pattern in the pattern’s properties (double click on the pattern or use the properties manager panel).

The documentation covers both this method and the rules-based method you described.

Yes I know, but it’s not even close to being the same. Instead of being able to set the target while tuning the length you now have to create a pattern somewhere, hope you have enough space to get near your target value, open the target settings and fine tune it afterwards. It also only works for one wire at a time which makes it really tedious to tune a whole bus.

The normal wire router also offers a lot of options to set custom widths, via sizes etc., even if they break the set DRC or custom rules, while being in the tool, so this should be the goal for the length tuner as well.