Led Ring not found in the liabrary

Hi I am trying to find an led ring light is there any in library i coudnt find any

KiCad can not have every possible schematic symbol (or PCB footprint) in existence. Websites such as SnapEDA and PCB Libraries try to do that, and they have now databases with millions of parts. So you can try to use those websites, or you can just create your own schematic symbol. Creating schematic symbols (or Footprints) is very easy in KiCad. It takes maybe a few hours to get to know the basics of it, and most of that is for learning the necessary library management, which you probably have to learn anyway. After that you can create a simple symbol or footprint in less then 5 minutes, which is probably less then the time you spent searching the 'net for it.

As an alternative you can cheat a bit. You can simply re-use the schematic symbol for a single LED or of a connector, and use that to represent your “led ring”.

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