LED dot matrix symbol


Please point me if KiCad has symbols for:

  • monochrome led dot matrix
  • RGB led dot matrix

I mean, something like these led matrices:


If there isn’t any in the KiCad libraries, you can try for example https://www.snapeda.com/parts/TA08-81GWA/Kingbright/view-part/553394/?ref=search&t=dot%20matrix%20led .

Just make it yourself.
Probably quicker and easier then trying to find somewhere on the 'web, unless maybe sites such as snapeda have something suitable for you.
A schematic symbol is just a bunch of pins with names and pin numbers and some graphics to make it easy to recognize on the schematic.

You already posted two different models, which have different pinouts, and therefore also need different schematic symbols.

KiCad has quite good editors for both schematic symbols and footprints.

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Thanks for pointing me, but I’m looking for schematic symbol, not footprint. That is going to be a next step)

Probably, will go that way. Just wasn’t sure what would be a convention for such items if I’ll decide to contribute those to KiCad repository.

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