Lazy programmer looking for a PCB designer

I have a working model for a dog agility race timer. It did it by cutting generic circuit boards. My circuit boards are very simple, 2-layer boards. I am trying to save some time creating my project by getting someone else to do the PCB design for me. Is there someone interested in doing the PCB design for me so I don’t have to spend a lot of time getting Kicad on my MacBook with the Digi-Key library and learning how to design a PCB?

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It is not a very good introduction by starting to tell you’re lazy.
If you zip your schematic and post it here some beginner who is looking for a way to practice a bit might give it a try just for fun.

If you want to go the more commercial route, then posting a schematic will also help to judge the amount of work involved. Making an offer for the amount of money you are willing to part with to save you the time might also help.
And with unknown people from a forum somewhere on the other side of the 'net it’s always a concern how to build up some trust, especially when money is involved.

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Thanks, I found someone who has already completed the project.

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