Layout weird problem

I have the following problem. I haven’t used Kicad for a couple of months, and I wanted to modify a designed I produced earlier. As I wanted to change the location of the ESD diodes to make them closer to the connector, I tried to press a few keys when hovering on VIN, and the result was as below:

After pressing “G” over the trace:

The good thing is that it reminds me my son’s early drawings, but is there a way to avoid this?

As for the version: I’m on Windows10, and I’m using Kicad’s latest stable version which is I believe 5.1.2.



By the way, what was the command to move a track while keeping other traces connected?

Get a 5.1.3 nightly (essentially release candidate) from here
This issue was fixed.


Thanks for your reply. I have updated, but found out weird problems in the nightly builds. Is there a somewhat stable version that would correct the above problem and yet being stable enough for daily usage?
I noticed that the current version is called 5.1.2_2. Does it address the problem?


Exactly which 5.1.3 Nightly did you download and EXACTLY what weird problems did you experience?

The workaround I found was it relates to a edgecut arc surrounding where you are laying out. So while routing just change the arc to anothet layer. Say front silk. And then it wont interfere until your done. Then change its layer back


Thanks for your reply.
I don’t know the version but the install file was kicad-r13741.30ec895c9-x86_64
I didin’t take notes of what wasn’t working, but I remember for example that using a simple c to copy an element in schematic didn’t work anymore. It was ctrl-c instead. The good thing is that it complies to the standard of all programs I know. Hopefully it’s a move to a kind of harmonization of commands in schematic and layout.


You downloaded development nightly, not 5.1 nightly that I linked above. That one is expected to behave slightly differently and may have bugs.

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