Layout Vs Schematic in KiCAD



I wanted to know if one can do layout Vs. Schematic test in KiCAD. If so is there any tutorial on it pls. ? If not, does anyone know of free PCB tools for LVS (which will accept KiCAD files as inputs)?

Arvind Gupta.


It’s built into the tool as well as DRC. When you import the schematic netlist, you can then only connect pads and traces that are indicated by the schematic.


Thanks for your reply. How do I run LVS? I can run DRC from Tools --> DRC. Or are you suggesting something else? I am a total newbie on LVS. Hence the confusion.

Arvind Gupta


DRC (the ladybird icon) detects shorts or almost shorts between nets in “Problems/Markers”
and missing nets in “Unconnected”


OK… but I was looking forward to how to compare the schematic and the layout drawn. I already know how to specify the layout rules and run DRC.

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DRC will check if your copper connections are the same as defined in your netlist. (The netlist is generated from the schematic. To ensure that the PCB is equal to the schematic you need to ensure that the netlist is updated after every schematic change.)

In other words:
In pcb design the LvS is included in the DRC. (I don’t really understand why these are two different tools in IC design software.)


DRC is actually true DRC plus LvS


Thanks all.

Arvind Gupta